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04. Juni 2007

Solidarity with Christos Kortzidis

On the occasion of the June 5, 2007started G8 Alternative Summit and of the United Nations' World Environment Day Helmut Scholz, Member of EL Executive Board and Left Party.PDS international coordinator, expresses his solidarity with Christos Kortzidis, Mayor of Ellinikon (Greece) who is on the 19th day of his hunger strike

Helmut Scholz met on June 5, 2007 in Berlin Panos Trigazis, Member of the Political Secretariat of SYNASPISMOS and Litsa Doudoumi, head of SYASPISMOS Women section, who are together on the way to Rostock to take part in activities within the G8 Alternative Summit "People before profits". They discussed a series of actual questions of international policy, various aspects of the G8 official agenda and related to that tasks for the Left in Europe and internationally, the struggle against the plans of the US-administration to deploy new anti.missile-systems in Czech and polish Republics as well as challenges of the current European integration process. Mentioning the forthcoming EU summit on June 22-23,2007 they agreed on further qualification of a concrete policy of the European Left to contribute actively to a social, ecological, democratic and peaceful dimension of the European Union - today and tomorrow.

Already 15 days went since a visit of Helmut Scholz in Kortzidis' office when expressing the solidarity of the European Left with his struggle for free the seaside of his municipality from private business and profiteering as well as guaranteeing the constitutional rights of Greek people. We have to learn that Kortzidis is forced to decide for continuing his hunger-strike for the already 3rd week - as the aim of this political struggle isn't yet achieved. H. Scholz stressed therefore the necessity to increase the international pressure on the Greek government to satisfy the demand of the Greek local authorities for the rights of their citizens.

"We add our voice to the today mass-rally on Syntagma Square in Athens by the Union off the Attiki local authorities in solidarity with Christos Kortzidis. The daily practiced neo-liberal policies of G8 is affecting the life and interests of the people here in Germany, in Europe and all other regions of the world in a very concrete way. It is necessary to struggle against climate change and for sustainable development which must include efforts towards another energy-policies on the basis of energy-saving and introduction of renewable energy-production. Furthermore it is needed to change the social and political frame for the daily life of the people".

Helmut Scholz calls elected representatives of European Left in local or regional authorities to send messages of support directly to the struggling Mayor of Ellinikon:
Fax (0030) 210 963 6310

Dimos Ellinikou
Agias Triadas Square
16777 Ellinikon